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MERR Media offers a wide range of services, including social media management, social media growth, and content creation. Our costs are structured as if you were to be hiring an internal employee to manage your company's social media accounts; however, with MERR, you receive an entire team with professional-grade resources to ensure your company is viewed exactly as you want. All contracts begin on a one-year basis to ensure the fit is mutually beneficial for both you and us.

Social Media Management

Social media is more than a process of haphazardly sharing pictures and videos online, it is an opportunity for businesses to reach audiences outside of their physical location while building the same level of trust and loyalty as if they had just met an individual in person. Social media builds a level of trust between customers and a business while showcasing a business's personality and intended voice. 

Managing a social media account today is tedious and requires significant planning and strategy which takes time and attention away from a business owner's daily duties and tasks. We aim to insert ourselves as a member of your company's team, as if we were a remote-based employee or an internal team member. 

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Social Media Growth

Social media is not just important for your customers to see your products and services showcased in a variety of ways, it also allows you to gain an understanding of what your customers are doing and what their interests are. It allows you to ask them questions about your products and hear more informal reviews about their experiences using your products or services.

The more followers an account has, the more of a chance there is for content to be noticed by a larger group of people. the larger your following base the more likely a post is to go 'virl' (or be noticed by an incredibly large sum of people, typically 500,000 - 1,000,000+ unique individuals seeing a single post). So, through social media growth, you are able to connect with more of your existing customers in genuine and authentic ways, but you are also able to create content to share and be noticed by more and more potential customers. This leads to an increase in demand and more sales.

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Content Creation

Eye-catching content has been and remains the most important element of marketing and advertising. Today, however, the type of content being viewed and appreciated depends on a lot of variables. One variable that plays an important role is what types of content are 'trending' at a given period of time. One objective, as a content creator, is to analyze a large sum of content to try to see the beginning of a trending wave, to create content specific to that wave, and be one of the first to ride that wave as it expands and covers significantly more ground over a large period of time. 

Developing high-level, engaging, with-the-times content will persuade your customers to stick around longer. It will influence them to buy more and to share your product content with their friends and family. Showing your audience that you care about how your product is perceived online creates a level of trust between a company and its customers. This allows for a loyal fanbase and an overall increase in the awareness of your brand.

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