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Since 2019, MERR has been an influential Social Media Management and Content Creation Agency dedicated to helping our clients gain exposure to the right audiences. Through a combination of marketplace insight, social media management tools, data analytics, and business intelligence, we have the knowledge and experience to get brands noticed. We’ve worked extensively and successfully with both new and established businesses. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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In today’s modern world, the media is a myriad of dynamic conversations. We understand this better than anyone, which is why whatever we put out for our clients is meant to maximize impact.

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Social Media Management

Social Media is important to businesses for several reasons. It provides validity to your customers, showcases your products and services, and allows for a more indepth understanding of your customer base. Let us use our experience to manage your social media channels while you focus on your business.

Social Media Growth

Having social media for your business is irrelevant if you do not have real, authentic customers following your accounts. Finding and targeting your customer base is challenging but is the most important element to developing your social presence online. Let us use your tools and experience to grow your accounts and connect your business with your customers.

Content Creation

Content is the bedrock of advertising today. Influencers and content developers are constantly changing their approach to creating content, making it challenging to stay relevant in terms of the content you are creating and sharing with your audience. Let us create high-quality, professional, product-driven content for your business to engage with your audience and inspire them to purchase your products and service.

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Clients We’ve Worked With


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Polar is a clothing company that started in the 1980s. Their business grew organically and through more 'traditional' marketing and advertising techniques within its first 30 years of existence; however, Polar noticed a significant drop in growth and sales within the past 5-10 years. We worked closely with Polar to develop a social media marketing strategy that maintained the level of authenticity their business was built on 30 years ago. After 6 months, we were able to grow their accounts to levels that allowed for us to stop looking for their customers online as their customers were now organically finding them. There is a significantly high chance you have seen one or two of the viral TikToks we have created for them within the past year. We continue to work with Polar on what has the looks of a life-long relationship.

Client 8


Itaka is a massively popular tea company based in Seattle, Washington. They knew their product was of the highest quality and that their packaging would catch and hold anyone's attention. What they didn't expect is that their social media accounts would grow tenfold within a short period of time. They were unable to respond to all social media requests, create content, fulfill orders, and continue to expand on their product all at once. They were a small team and the cost to hire a person solely for social media management did not seem like a financially appropriate decision. So, they decided to outsource their social media management and content creation to us on a one-year trial contract. We were able to develop an immensely strong rapport with their customers online while using their products to develop some of the most aesthetically pleasing content within their industry. We have grown with Itaka and have been managing their accounts since 2019.

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Hexa is an up-and-coming, family-run brewery out of Denver, Colorado. The owner and his son quit their corporate jobs after their basement brewed beer won a series of micro-brew contents across the country. They decided they loved brewing beer and wanted to see how far they can take their talents. After 5 short years, they had built a brewery that provided craft beer to the Denver and Boulder Colorado areas. They had big ambitions to expand, however, knew everyone outside of this region did not know who they were. We were hired by Hexa to spread the word and create a buzz prior to product even being available in their targeted regions. We have been developing content for Hexa and promoting it across their social media accounts for over a year now as they anticipate their expansion in the third quarter of 2022.

*we sign an NDA with all of our clients and do not make our relationships public without request and consent

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